Fjord: Design and Innovation from
Accenture Interactive

Summer Intern: Designer June 1– August 15, 2017
New York, NY
Project: Create a short film for Fjord New York's entry into "Equinox", Fjord’s annual Global Summit in Berlin. This is a competition between Fjord offices around the world, with each design lab making a submission. 
Fully responsible for review storyline with the Fjord team, plan out scenes, shooting angles and takes, cinematography, filming and editing footage, titles and special effects.

Impact: The Fjord New York video was unanimously voted as the judges'
top pick out of 70 submissions and was screened for the entire audience at Equinox 2017.


Live Data Visualization: Subra Suresh's
Heartbeat on the Pausch Bridge

Team:  Noah Johnson, Rachel Nakamura, Grant Campfield, Taylor Tabb, Max Chen.

Created for 15-661 Interaction and Expression using the Pausch Bridge lighting, then President of CMU, Subra Suresh, was given a Fitbit to record his heartbeat throughout the day.  The challenge was to display the President's heartbeat in a way that creates a delightful experience. The data was visualized as a dynamic lighting display using the Pharos lighting control system.

This video achieved the most views of all time on Carnegie Mellon University's Facebook page.